Сдача дома
в 1 квартале 2024 года

Резиденция имеет 18 этажей

72 квартиры
с индивидуальной планировкой

2 этажа предназначены для парковки,
у каждого есть 50 парковочных мест

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Grand Sport

Large swimming pool, spa area, gym, shooting range, tennis court and much more in "Grand Sport.

Terlemezyan College of Fine Arts

This school of painting became one of the first cultural institutions established by Soviet government alongside with Yerevan State University and State Theater.

Park Komitas

3 minutes from the residential complex there is a beautiful Komitas park , where you can meet residents doing sports, yoga or just for a family walk.

"Sasuntsi David" Metro

International trains run from the railway station. Nearby is the metro station "Sasuntsi David", from which you can get to the station "Republic Square in 5 minutes

Yerevan Mall

Clothes, electronics, cosmetics, home decors, coffee houses, movie theater and more. Yerevan Mall bring the best of shopping culture to the reality of Yerevan shopping malls.